Uplifting Heroes

Inspiring Others

Giving Individuals all the tools needed to succeed

How it started

Andre joined the Milford Special Olympics Powerlifting team in the spring of 2016 for there first annual Push & Pull Competitions. That was just the beginning and has been helping with the program ever since. Andre has since taken numerous steps forward in changing the lives of many of his students through transformative education.

Core Values

"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me brave in the attempt."
-Special Olympics Motto

At Uplifting Heroes we put an emphasis on the following:

Healthy Fitness Habits

Teaching proper gym etiquette and a healthy habits gives us the opportunity help our athletes hone in on their personal goals and skills and reach their true potential through friendly competition


 In addition to the friendships made along the way, our athletes are able to prove their determination, show their progress and change the perceptions of others

Having Fun

This gives our athletes a chance to do what they love, learn about the sport, challenge themselves and eachother, and have fun at the exact same time!